Thursday, February 11, 2010


It seems to have stopped snowing for the moment even if a few flakes are still flying around. It didn't do much overnight - thankfully - except drift which made the walk from the stairs to the van an aerobic workout! There wasn't too much to brush and scrape off the van. A break from the sow would be wonderful! Although, with the cold temps on tap for the next week, the piles of snow ain't goin' anywhere anytime soon!
I've noticed that in the piles there holes and crevices and sometimes there is that bluish, aqua tint within it. Really, rather beautiful. There was also a wee, tiny snowflake on the inside of the door armrest which looked like an edelweiss, with several points round about it like a flower. Most unusual. Juat sitting with these noticings and seeing what if anything they are telling me.
The large piles of snow, remind of the blizzard of '68 in Chicago. Everything was shut down for a couple days. I remember walking with my Dad to a Mom and Pop grocery store for bread and perhaps milk 2 1/2 blocks away. ( Couldn't use the car because the roads were so bad) Only to find when we got there, that they were already out.
Somehow we made do, and Mom baked bread. There was enough snow that my sister and I built an igloo next to the garage and were able to crawl inside it, where surprisingly, it was a wee warmer than just being outside. Ahh...the insulating quality of snow. We put out a shoebox decorated with a number for a mailbox. I don't think any mail was ever delivered!!! School was closed for a couple days and we rarely ever had a snow day off.
Our next door neighbor boy dug a tunnel through his backyard so it looked like a giant mole tunneled through the yard!
We shovelled, had snowball fights with other kids in the neighborhood, drank hot cocoa, and just enjoyed some family time.
I'm thinking, everybody should get a snow day in late Jan. or early Feb. - just because we need Sabbath time, rest time, play time, a free day like that 'free' space on a Bingo card. Maybe we all need a day to be with our kids, make hot cocoa, and just breathe.
Maybe, I'll do some of that tomorrow - after the grocery shopping, errand running, tax preparation stuff. I hear the call of a Snow Day....

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