Friday, February 26, 2010

Was anyone as appalled as I with our Womens' Ice Hockey team and their almost utter lack of good sportsmanship as they pouted on the medal stand?
Ok, yes, it's disappointing to lose, but for goodness sake, at least be gracious about it and be glad for the Canadian Womens' team that beat you fair and square.
Winning is not a right or an entitlement just because you have USA on your uniform.
Be happy with a silver medal. Be happy with a bronze medal. Be happy just to compete with world class athletes.
And learn and display good sportsmanship. Be gracious. Be kind. Celebrate your fellow athletes' accomplishments. Have a good time. Play well and fairly. Anything can happen. Bad calls can be made. Do your best. And congratulate heartily and smile as you share the joy of another's win. You are Americans and on display before the world. Pouting and acting like spoilt brats doesn't help our image or endear us to the world. Put on your big girl panties, deal with it, swallow hard, grow up and get over it. Second place is nothing to sneeze at!! Be proud of silver. And ladies, learn to be gracious!
Honestly, there is absolutely no excuse for that medal platform sulking display.

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