Wednesday, July 29, 2015


  Finally, after 11 months, I had my two weeks (but only 1 Sunday off) vacation!!!! Just what the doctor ordered. My spirit, my energy was so drained.
   I did get into physical therapy for my neck and eventually a prescription pain killer - of which I didn't need to take many. The first one provided major relief from the pain and I actually got a decent
night's sleep. The physical therapy has been helping. I'm hoping that this may be my last week.
   What really did the trick and worked the most wonders (aside from the pain killer) was the hour and a half massage I received at the healing hands of my sister! I felt so much better afterwards, almost like a new person! I wish insurance would cover massages because I would go to a massage therapist over a chiropractor any day.
   Hubby and I spent an extra day in Chicago so I could get my massage and to see my niece, newly engaged. It was good to see her and to have a bit of a talk. There will be a non-traditional wedding in May and she wants me to do the service. Only I had to say, that it would be a Christian service if I did it. If she can live with that, we're on. Otherwise, she will need to make other arrangements.
   The wedding will be outdoors - weather permitting - with lawn games and barbeque. Leave your fancy clothing at home. Sigh. I had looked forward to getting dressed up. I have so few chances of getting really dressed. She's not even considering a wedding gown. Sigh. I hope she doesn't regret it one day. There will be much to do and plan for before then. I did highly recommend that they get some pre-marital counseling before the wedding and she liked the idea. Thanks be to God.
   We made a quick trip to Ikea just to poke around.
   And then it was up to the Lake House - and our favorite once-a -year lunch stop at a Greek
restaurant for one of the best Gyros ever!
   The Lake greeted us with little beach and waves. Had to walk down to the boat launch right next to
the State Park in order to walk the beach for awhile. Water levels are really high. That was so soothing for my soul - a stroll on the beach, sticking my feet in the water, and finding my first piece of beach glass!!!! After all these years, and time and walks on the beach, this was the year. It is a clear piece and I'm thinking how it could be made into a pendant. I was ever so thrilled.
   I got some reading in and sitting in the sun taking in the gulls, waves, and rhythmic sound of the waves breaking on the beach, and even seeing a group of blue herons fly by.
   We visited our usual spots and the fresh cheese curds with garlic and dill are a real Wisconsin treat from the cheese store.
   We went to the World's Largest Outdoor One Day Fish Fry and took in the sights. The Classic Car Show featured some less than classic cars and the crafts were pretty ho-hum. (It was better 3-4 years ago). We strolled around the Sheboygan Art Fest which was a feast for the eyes and spirit. Thoroughly enjoyable and some expensive artwork and some more reasonably priced but all so
   Time with family was enjoyable and good.
   I could have spent another day or so at the Lake.
   But we had to return, and I had the next couple of days off - laundry and grocery run, putting away
the suitcases and stuff. Cleaning house, and going to the Rubber City Art Expo on Saturday - another feast for the eyes and spirit. Managed to pick up a few Christmas gift items.
   So, a slower re-entry back into life.
   Things at the churches seem to have hit the summer lull, only I know that it won't last long as
we prep for the fall and a new church program season. Do I dare even make plans for Advent? It would be my 4th Advent at the L church as interim. Hard to believe!
    But let me just linger awhile longer in this summer lull, to savor its gift and grace, to let my
spirit be renewed.
   May you, too, have a summer lull and savor these warm, sunny summer days for the gift and
grace they are.