Saturday, February 06, 2010

Saturday morning and it is still snowing. The wind has created some deeper drifts and I am thankful for our snow blower. As soon as it abates later this morning, LH and I will be out blowing and shoveling. The greys were up to their thighs and chest in snow and they are tall dogs.
I am hoping to return to the apartment late, late this afternoon, praying that the roads will be clear by then and our allotment plowed out somewhat.
It will remain bitterly cold and snow again on Tuesday. This white landscape will be with us for awhile.
It also means that fewer people will be at worship tomorrow, which is Communion Sunday, Scout Sunday and Souper Bowl Sunday.
Not able to do much today except scrub out the shower stall and do some tax preparation.
We have been spared major snowfall all winter, until now. I pray that this will be the last of it.

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