Tuesday, February 09, 2010

The snow is now falling, just light, litte snowflakes that deceive you into thinking that they couldn't ever amount to much. But they do add up and this is just the start. I would think that school will cancelled tomorrow. I doubt our committee will be meeting tonight. And I pray, I won't be snowed in or if snowed in, that we don't lose power - my heat, light, ability to cook is all electric. I would much prefer being snowed in at home with my greys and LH. But I could make the best of things here. I have reading materials and some clay to prepare for Ash Wednesday.
I just don't know where an extra foot or more of snow will be piled. Or how I can shovel out my van since I don't have a shovel. At least at home, it would be in the garage and we have a blower and shovel.
Fortunately, I slipped into Shopping Mecca last evening for my eye exam and a new pair of boring, safe glasses. Yup, I've been losing my place preaching from my manuscript. I am using mid-range for far, and reading for mid-range. Started about the first of the year. Since, it's been 2 years since my last exam and new glasses, I was due. I just want to see more clearly! I will also get new lenses for my present frames since they do make more of statement and I really like them. I just couldn't give them up and be blurred and not read for a week or ten days - maybe more if we lose a day or two with the snow.
Happy Birthday to me! A new pair of glasses and a new pair of lenses. That way, I'll have a back-up pair of glasses since I'm now so dependent on my tri-focals.
According to the optometrist, from age 46-57, every year or two, your eye sight gets "more and more out of whack" (Joe Pesci from 'My Cousin Vinny'). After age 57, it sorta levels off. Great! Isn't middle age just more fun knowing that?!!?
For now, I see not as clearly as I will, and through a veil of snow.

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