Monday, April 27, 2009

Why I haven't been posting as much:
-having to watch Toby and Jett as they go out in the backyard to prevent
more injuries requiring stitches
-pulling dandelions in the front flower beds
-planting herbs (thyme, rosemary, Greek oregano, parsley). The Basil will have to
wait until the last frost date. This year I'm determined not to lose a Basil plant.
-pulling weeds out of the herb garden - more yet to do
-running to the dry cleaners to pick up 2 pairs of pants with new zippers.
They were supposed to be ready on Friday, then Saturday after 2 pm. Will they
be ready today?!!? If not, we will start a Dry Cleaner pool.
-sweeping all the dog hair bunnies off the floor (mainly Toby) Mental note:
no more white greyhounds!
-cleaning up all the bits and pieces of items that Toby destroys:
1 pottery snail (in a planter, on top of a small side table, in the dining room
where both entrances have an unfolded cardboard box spanning
the entrance held in place by a dining room chair. Toby is
a Houdini!)
Several hardback books
Catalogs on the coffee table
1 wooden parrot - in the planter in the entryway
Uprooted the date palm in the kitchen area
Chewed through the basket handle of our magazine basket
You get the picture!
-making visits
-writing sermons
-working on the church newsletter
-cooking dinner and cleaning up
- feeding dogs and bluebirds
-checking the slug trap
-dreaming of taking vacation
-cleaning the house (the deal was, if I was no longer full-time, I'd take over
cleaning house again.)
Yup, that's pretty much it. Keeps me busy and the gardening keeps my hamstrings sore!

This Friday Five is about what 5 things you would like to before you "kick the bucket":

1. Visit Alaska
2. Learn and practice Tai Chai
3. Write that book
4. Live in a cottage by a lake
5. Go with LH to Greece

There's several more items given more time. And I've already done a couple on my "bucket list", like plant a Gingko tree and take in retired greyhounds (although Toby is such a handful - I'm beginning to wonder how many more we welcome into our hearts and homes.).

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


By the grace of God, LH and I survived Holy Week and Easter Sunday!
I was up at 4:45 am Easter and it was a beautiful sunrise for our early service at 7 am.
The traditional service was at 10:30 am. Everything went smoothly until the children's sermon time. They must have gotten into their Easter baskets early!!!
Of course it didn't help that I had a wind-up chick that kept falling on its nose.
But the kids were wired and although they almost got away from me, I reeled 'em back in!
Since I preached on Mark's version of Easter I titled my sermon, "The Rest of the Story" in a tribute to Paul Harvey who passed away this past February and whose feature I used to listen to growing up in Chicago.
After worship, I drove home and enjoyed an egg salad sandwich. Then, stretched out for a long nap.
Got up and cloved the ham, put the ham in the oven and prepared the glaze.
After supper, LH carved the rest of the spiral slices and put them into freezer bags.
The greys, of course, were mightily interested in what LH was doing. So, LH suggested letting them out. Which I did. And shortly thereafter, did they begin to race and Toby, who has never once learned any lesson, goads Jett ( who just wanted to be left alone) into running and although, I didn't see it happen, Jett lit into Toby, and I hear Toby yip and cry and into the house they both come with Toby in obvious pain and two puncture wounds on his thigh and lower waist. They are kinda deep, very raw, bloody but not bleeding.
I left for the emergency vet clinic at 6:50 pm and returned home about 10:00 pm.
Even with 3 vets there that evening, it took over 45 minutes of waiting in the exam room. The vet put Toby out (lightly) and stitched him. I took home the bill, the Rimadyl and anitbiotics and the Elizabethian collar guaranteed to perturb any dog.
Let's see, Toby just had stitches last Feb. And Jett had a scrape on his thigh 3 weeks ago.
It is getting expensive, to say the least, and heartbreaking to see a dog in pain and banged up.
LH has ordered racing muzzles for our greys and they will have to don them when they go out, no ifs, ands, or buts! This was never a problem with Ben, who was such a sweetheart and would back down in an instant. However, our ADD Toby, has no fear and doesn't take NO seriously. Sigh...I hope the muzzles will work. I've not had to return a grey yet, but Toby is on the edge of being returned to the rescue group for a tamer, gentler grey. Toby is so loveable - he just needs to learn, and I suppose he is ever so very sloowwwlllly.
So, that's how I spent my Easter evening at the emergency vet clinic.
I hope that my humor will return this week as I prepare for our Joy Sunday or Holy Humor Sunday!!!
Any good jokes going around? Send them in!!!!

Monday, April 06, 2009


God bless and sustain us as we walk with Jesus to the cross, the dark tomb, and meet the risen Lord on Easter morning. May all we offer help others to know the saving sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love, grace, hope and new life he is and gives! Bless us this week, in all we do and say, that lives will be changed and touched as your story gets told and enacted, as the bread and wine is shared, as the music is sung and your Word is heard. Amen.

Yesterday we celebrated Palm Sunday with our children's Easter program during worship. Grandparents came and helped fill in the pews! A retired Presbyterian pastor from the Sunshine State joined us as he is gathering genealogical information in these parts.
The Prelude was a piano, clarinet, flute piece featuring 3 Sr. Hi'ers. All arranged by the pianist. It was a great piece and nicely done. (Which brings to mind, the prelude 2 weeks ago that this same Sr. Hi'er arranged from 2 hymns in our hymnal, one of which was, "I Want Jesus to Walk With Me". He had copies of the 2 hymns (2 pieces of paper) on the piano and what he played from memory and spirit, had little to do with anything on those 2 printed pages. There were arpeggios and glissandos that were no where in sight except in the heart and fingers of this most gifted young man.)
The kids shared readings, and the younger ones, each added a fresh spring flower to the vase in front of the cross. Every child had a part or something to do. Then, the Tone Chimes played and did very well. The Children's Choir sang 5 short songs and actually sang them! I mean, there was some volume to them!!!
Worship was followed by a coffee hour and a marvelous time for socializing. It was a most blessed and enjoyable Palm Sunday.
A wee bit of calm before the storm of Holy Week.