Monday, February 15, 2010


. When February comes along, how do you feel about the coming month?
Good. It's a short month and winter's nearly over.

2. What memories do you have about Valentine's Day? Are you doing anything to observe it this year?
It was my Mom's Birthday! Always gave her a card and sometimes Valentines I made
in school. There would be birthday cake as well.
LH and I exchange cards. This year I included a little box of "Conversation Jelly
Bellies". That's pretty much it.

3. It is interesting that Monday's "Presidents Day" is not officially called that in every state. It is a U.S. federal holiday entitled "Washington's Birthday." Which is your favorite president and why?
Probably Teddy Roosevelt. Down to earth, get it done, kinda fellow. And he enjoyed
our National Parks.
I should say Lincoln since we always had Lincoln's birthday off in Illinois,
instead of Washington's or even President's Day. I always admired Lincoln's deeply
thoughtful ways and his integrity, which is greatly lacking in our statespeople
leaders today.

4. Will you be celebrating Shrove Tuesday or Mardi Gras? How?
Probably not, since I'm alone in an apartment. LH used to serve a church that
had pancake suppers. Wasn't ever a big fan of pancakes for dinner.
Growing up we used to make Fasnachchuechli - very thin dough squares, stretched
over a towel over a knee and then dropped into a pot of hot oil until cooked.
Then they were taken out, dried on paper towels and when cooled dusted with
powered sugar. They were light as air and fragile but so yummy!
Haven't ever made them as an adult - no time and I don't need to add to my bulk!

5. Any other ways to celebrate in February?
Well, I celebrate my birthday! Whoohoo! Usually, phone calls from my sister,
niece and other family. Sometimes, there's a cake, but generally just a
Hostess Chocolate Cupcake with a candle in it! Just enough for two!

Bonus: A Lenten book or website you recommend.
J. Barrie Shepherd's book, The Way of the Pilgrim, or Pilgrim's Way.
I can't think of it off the top of my head.

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