Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I am so ready to hit the Beach! I'm mostly packed for our trip to Chicago and Wisconsin and my spirit is saying, "Let's Go!"
In the meanwhile, I have a couple visits to make.
Can't hardly wait to see my Sister. It's been a whole year since we've seen each other. Sure we talk on the phone every week, but it's not the same as being together.
I have a free massage coming too!!!! OOoooo...can I leave now?!!!?
See you all in a week!
Lowered Drinking Age Initiative

I understand that if one can drive, vote and serve the country at age 18, that they should be allowed to drink. However...the irresponsibility of the majority of teens leads one to think this is not a good idea.
When I check the College list I was grateful to see that my Alma Mater was not on it, but was surprised by several church affiliated institutions who were on the list.
There was drinking at my Alma Mater, but it wasn't near what is being done today, no hoses and funnels, etc. That's just sheer stupidity.
When the story appeared on the news last night, I said to LH that these colleges don't want to spend personnel, time and money enforcing their policies on underage drinking and also don't want to be liable for those students who die or are injured from their irresponsible drinking in violation of college rules and policies. Actually, I think the liability issue is the thrust behind the wanting to lower the drinking age. That way the college can't be sued by families.
They ought not to be anyway, because their child engaged in risky behavior, used poor judgement, and was irresponsible.
Perhaps, families ought to model responsible behavior, talk about drinking issues, etc. in the home as the child grows up.
Lowering the drinking age will make no difference to those who engage in such binge drinking. They will do it whether it is legal or not.
Hope these College Presidents use their degrees and use their wisdom.

Monday, August 18, 2008


Share 5 transformations that the coming fall will bring your way.

1. The last blooms of the flowers fade and all goes to rest.
2. Harvesting my herbs and hanging them to dry.
3. Plucking the last ripe tomatoes and hanging the vines in the garage to
ripen the few remaining green ones.
4. Putting away my summer clothes and pulling out the winter ones.
5. Weeding and fertilizing the wee garden and flower beds and fertilizing the

Bonus: Give us your favorite activity that is made possible by the arrival of fall.

Throwing on a sweater and still being able to sit on the porch to watch
the kids at play, to savor the sunset, or just to view the stars.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


LH and I are looking forward to 1 more week of vacation next week as we plan to head to the Windy City and the Lake House in Wisconsin. I will be so glad to see my sister and BIL again. One added bonus, my niece will be there as well for the weekend!! Back from the craziness of LA to the flatness of rural central IL as she begins Med School. Not much rock climbing there! It will be good to see her in person and not just hear her voice breaking up on the cell.
I am preparing myself to lose at the annual Croquet game, it has become a family tradition. I actually am starting to look forward to losing!!!
Sports was never my forte. I was always too klutsy and not all that competitive.
I just wanted to play for fun. It can be fun to win, but just playing the sport is fun. I fail to see that on many athlete's faces any more.
And although I got my swimmer's badge at age 9, was the youngest in the test class and put in a lane closest to the pool's edge (in case I had a problem!)and I came in fourth out of 6 or 7 only to be approached to be on the swim team, I declined.
I didn't want deprive myself of the delight and pleasure of swimming by having to compete. It would've sucked the joy right of swimming for me.
Later, in High School, I did join the Synchronized Swim Team and had a blast with it, especially the shows we put on. It wasn't the competitive, precision, mechanical thing it is now. We learned new and different stunts, choregraped them to music and made costumes and just had fun. It was wonderful.
So, I don't have to win at Croquet, I just want to enjoy playing the game and being with my family.
Maybe, that's how it should in relationship with God. It's not about winning, it's about simply being with God for the sheer delight of it and to love God. It's not about who has the biggest church, who does the most mission, who has the slickest programs, etc. I keep hoping that our church members would catch on "are we having fun, yet" in our faith with God and in our faith community. Can we not enjoy our faith, our calling as Christians, as Presbyterians? Shouldn't we be having fun in our life together in Christ? I think we need to recover the sheer delight of being in God's love and to take a rest from beating ourselves up and over with certain issues that the church cannot bear at this time. Let's get back to the love of our Lord and somehow, it will work out as it needs to in God's time not ours.
Onward to my Croquet game...

Monday, August 11, 2008

Wasn't that just a nail biter of a race in the Men's 4 X 100 Relay last night!!?
I am more impressed by Cullen Jones than by Michael Phelps (media hype poster boy).
So inspiring to see these talented athletes compete. I pray that they are competing fairly with their God given talents and hard work of training and practice and not by using drugs of any kind to enhance their performance. May they be clean, honest, above-board and display good sportsmanship.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


No one's talking about it much, but was anyone disturbed at all that the Olympic Flag was goose-stepped to the flag pole and raised by China's military? I, for one, was rather taken aback. It seems to me that usually the Olympic Flag is brought it by past Olympians or coaches etc. Never military. The Military doesn't have a place at the Olympics and I felt it was a slap in the face to all the world. A reminder that China's military rules along with the communist party.
I found it very disturbing, that it had no place in a ceremony lifting up the Olympic Games and the achievement of all these world and world class athletes.

Monday, August 04, 2008


One Mom who brought her preschooler to VBS said her preschooler was very excited about coming to VBS. Her Mom told her they would leave home a bit early to come to church and see who the teachers were going to be. The preschooler responded, "Isn't God always our teacher?"
Kids are wiser on some levels than we are!

Friday, August 01, 2008


Happy Swiss Independence Day!!!!
to all my family and my Swiss friends and acquaintances.
Wow! 707 years old!!
We celebrated by displaying the Swiss flag from our front porch. I wore my white capri's and a red T-shirt. We made Brats, Swiss potato salad and cole slaw (instead of sauerkraut). For dessert, I will indulge in a bowl of raspberries - something red!!!
VBS ended on a good note with an outdoor Beach Party carnival. There were different games for the kids - pick a rubber ducky for a candy prize, knock down three (plastic bottles with some sand in it), fish for a fish (by magnets in water), throw a ping pong ball into little bowls of water (no goldfish), do the Limbo, spin the wheel for a prize, throw an inflatable ring (3 of them) around the inflatable flamingo, get a tattoo (temporary of course!) We served hot dogs, chips, and freeze pops, water and lemonade. Each child received a tote bag in which to put their prizes and the parents talked and it was just a nice village/neighborhood gathering.
We were thrilled with the 55-60 kids we served each night - the majority were those who come every year with some fresh faces and new youngsters.
The kids will be singing in church for us on Sunday, and that will be a treat.
En'guete Alle!!! Lebet wohl!!!