Wednesday, June 17, 2015


 I can't remember when I have been so busy from Lent until now. Lately, it's been hospital visits and funerals.
  Indeed, one day three weeks ago, I drove to the hospital on the North Coast only to be told that the
patient wasn't there. Huh? I just talked his daughter. Oh, they said, it's at their new satellite building
across the city. Couldn't remember how to get there (it's been 15 years). Receptionist put me on a house phone and some department. I asked the young man on the phone how to get to their satellite
building, and he said he wasn't sure and that they were rather busy at the moment and did I have a smartphone? I responded that he wasn't being very helpful at all and hung up. I obviously was not going to get anywhere with him. Since I drove to the hospital (50 mins) first thing in the morning, I
had to get rid of my morning coffee and used the rest room. On the way, back I passed the Volunteer Office and there were a couple staff in there, so I stopped in asked how to get the other hospital. They told me and it involved a 1/2 + drive to the other side of the city on a main road with lights all along the way.
  So, I walked back to the garage and drove to the main road and pulled over in the Italian section of town to call the daughter. Couldn't find the slip of paper with her number on it. Called home, hubby answered, asked him if I left the paper on the counter. Nope, wasn't there. Realizing I was going to be later than I said, I wanted to call the daughter. I hung up and looked again through my purse and looked down to see the orange slip of paper between the driver's seat and the console. Great. Called the daughter. Started back on my way and got there, made the visit as they were going over his discharge papers. Walked with them down to the Lobby and waiting with him, while daughter got her car to pick her dad up curbside.
  Drove back to the church, had lunch. Drove to a different hospital to visit someone else, and all the while feeling a stronger crick in my neck.
As the day wore on, it get worse.
   It's been really bad. I babied it for two weeks and then went to the doctor and got the nurse practitioner. Tried muscle relaxer and anti-inflammatory meds. Used my microwaved rice bag.
Back again last Friday, tingling down the arm, pain across shoulder, stronger anti-inflammatory
meds.  She asked what had been going on and I went through the litany of just long, stressful days and lots of driving. Last week she asked if there was less stress - I replied, I just got notice of jury duty right before I go on vacation! Then a cell phone rang - I have 2 cell phones; mine and the one church. Their ring tones are different but somewhat similar, I felt which pocket vibrated and said it
was the church phone, and I would let it get to voice mail. She shook her head!
   It still isn't a whole lot better and may have to go in tomorrow. I'm thinking massage therapy
might be the way to go. I think a nerve is pinched somewhere. It interferes with my sleep and
normal movement.
    It has just been back to back to back stuff between the two churches.
    I want to be able to enjoy my vacation and relax.
   I want to get a good night's rest being able to sleep on both my sides.
   I want not to hurt any more.

Monday, June 08, 2015


Share with us:
1) a favorite city, and what makes it so.
       One of my favorite cities is Lucerne, Switzerland. It is nestled on the Vierwaeldstaedersee between mountains. It is picturesque with the lake and mountains, buildings, swans and the long
wooden bridge.

2) a favorite getaway spot, far from the maddening crowd (far being a relative term).
        My sister's lake house on Lake Michigan. It's right on the water, there's a bit of beach,
        a small state park just two houses down and it is quiet, healing, wonderful place to be to
        refresh my spirit.

3) a great local eatery that you stumbled upon while passing through from one place to another.
       One our way up to above lake house, up in Kenosha, WI, along the highway there is a place
       I spied one year as we were ready for lunch - Sparti's. It is a Greek restaurant and they have
       the best Gyros around. We stop there every time we make our way to the lake house.

4) a landscape that inspires or nourishes you.
        That would be on a beach or shoreline of a lake or the ocean. I love the water and it soothes
         me, fascinates me and is ever changing in color or activity. Water speaks to my spirit.

5) a place you long to visit.
        I would love to go back to Greece sometime. But also, to go to Alaska and do a cruise/land
        tour but on a smaller scale than the really big vessels. One day....