Friday, March 28, 2014


Well, we're kinda back on line. The phone guy punched in some numbers in some places and got us on the internet and my laptop. But, it's still not quite right, because the smartphone doesn't pick it up nor my Kindle, even after entering the password for the wi-fi/modem. I am completely flummoxed and totally aggravated! Enough already! I was told by tech support to call the phone manufacturer and after being on the phone with them for awhile and trying a couple things, I was to be transferred to advanced tech support only to get cut off. By then it was late afternoon and I had had enough. I never called them back.
  When I wanted to download a book on my Kindle, lo and behold, after entering the password, it didn't work either.
   I was fuming.
  We are going to change our provider. I am NOT going through this again.
   And I'm too untechie to know what to do.
  So, I guess this being back on line will come in drips and dribbles. By Easter, it should flow to overflowing!!!! At least, I hope.

Monday, March 24, 2014


For today’s Friday Five, tell about five different trips you have made in your life due to different reasons, modes of travel, or whatever category you choose!

Since I couldn't play Friday - being off-line and all, I'll take a shot at it today!
There have been so many trips, it's a bit hard to narrow them down.

1.  1965 our first trip to Switzerland as a family to visit all our relatives - grandmas, aunts, uncles,
     cousins. We were there about 4 weeks and I remember all the visits to relatives, which when you
     are young are not all that interesting. We traveled around some, hiked and had fun just living with
    my Grandma and step-grandpa. They hung a swing - wood board with heavy rope in the doorway
    of their shed for us. The attic was wonderfully huge and empty. I never did make it to the origin
    of the canton's river source as I was too scared of the falling, rushing, frothing water and the
    wooden walkway that lined the rocky dark canyoned walls. My step-grandfather stayed back
    with me. Guess that's where my fear of high bridges over water comes from!!!

2. Summer camping trips all over the US to national parks and historic sites. Yellowstone was
    one of my favorite places - chock full of a variety of natural wonders. Yosemite and Sequoia
    were also great as were the Smoky Mountains. We would go to the evening ranger programs
    and also Sunday morning worships services in the great outdoors. We would hike, and see
    the beauty of creation and its wonders all around us and of course, all kinds of flora and fauna.
    It was a great way to spend time together as a family and to see so much of America.

3. When I asked LH what he wanted for his 50th birthday and he answered Scotland! So, we
    went and had a marvelous time walking all over Edinburgh, the drive to Oban, our time
    on Iona and the week in Ayr seeing Culean Castle, Robbie Burns' cottage, Hadrian's Wall.
    And of course, Lock Lomond, and Lock Ness with its elusive Nessie! What a wonderful
    time we had together, even when the hotel in Oban never received our reservations and
    we ended up at another older hotel that was actually in walking distance of the downtown.
    It all worked out well.

4. The fast plane trip to Florida when on a fateful Friday night my Dad called in tears saying
    my Mom was dying. I booked a flight for the next morning, I called the Stated Clerk of the
    church I had just begun serving as an interim and made countless phone calls through the
    pulpit supply list til I reached the very last one who was able to cover for me that Sunday.
    I got to Florida at 10 am Saturday morning and my sister got in from Chicago just an
    hour later. Mom was lucid and still mobile and thrilled to see us both. She died on Friday
   and we had the week with her and Dad, taking turns with care giving. It was a hallowed
   time of much grace amid the great sadness and sorrow. I was thankful that I could be there,
   that we all were there with Mom when she died.

5. Our very long trip to South Africa to visit a long time friend, whose Dad and my Dad
    worked together in Africa - Ghana back in the 1940's. She grew up in Africa and I
   grew up in the States. Over the many years, both families exchanged Christmas cards.
   When I was in high school, she wrote a letter in the summer. I wrote her back and
   we have written each other ever since and she made the occasional phone call from her
   job. We have since gone to email and Facebook. We had never met and I longed to
   meet her. She's such a stitch! And, we survived the 23 hour flight to Jo'burg! And
   had the most wonderful adventure to meet her and her husband, to stay with them, to
   tour Jo'burg, Pretoria, Cape Town and go on Safari. It was more meaningful because
  I knew my Dad had been in Africa - ok - a totally different country, but nevertheless,
   we touched the same continent and it was the most amazing experience, especially
   worshipping with an indigenous Presbyterian church for two hours and sharing
  holy communion with sisters and brothers in the faith who live such a very different
life on a continent a half a world away.

I have been greatly blessed and fortunate to have travelled all over the world and the US for a whole variety of reasons and each place and time has left its imprint on my life.

Sunday, March 23, 2014


I am still fasting from being on-line. On Thursday, the phone person will return and look at the phone jack. One would think when he was out 2 weeks ago, he'd have had the presence of mind that when he got a signal outside but not inside, one would check the wires?
It will be going on three weeks this week and this is the third weekend.
  Ok, I'll be honest and admit I do miss checking Facebook, and playing my solitaire game, but I wasn't wasting that much time on it - or at least I think I wasn't.
  The most frustrating thing about this imposed Lenten fast, is feeling hamstrung in taking care of some work at home and not being to send and receive emails - especially when serving a church part time. That is simply the absolute worst. No email. During Lent. With extra services. And needing to get a hold of people. Or submit worship service information. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaghhhhhhhhhhhhh!
  Enough. Enough already. I repent. I confess my wasting time on Facebook and Solitaire. Restore the signal within and without our house! Create a new and clean fresh start. Cast us no more away from the signal we need to be connected and on-line. Have mercy on us!!!
  Will know more on Thursday, which is the soonest the phone repair person will be out. And of course, it will cost us. Sigh. Simply frustrating.
   Will be in touch when I can and when I'm done fuming.

Monday, March 17, 2014


This is not the fast I choose! This fast from being on-line. The new modem arrived and appears to work all right. We just don't get a signal from the internet provider. Even the guy from the telephone company on his own laptop couldn't receive but a very faint signal or none at all. Everything else is in good working order - computer, telephone line, etc.
  I hope to hear something on Tuesday.
  In the meanwhile, it is severely hampering responding to email and sending email. My newsletter article was a day late in being submitted. I took the laptop to the church on Sunday and sent it in and checked my email.
  I am starting to get cranky about all this! I can be patient but it is wearing extremely thin these days.
Perhaps, I have to pray about getting back on -line. I'm sure God has bigger and more important things to deal with, but it certainly couldn't hurt and maybe, I'll be given more patience.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


After a whole long week, the mystery has been solved. Our modem isn't working properly. Thankfully a new one is on its way and with good grace it 'll be here by Friday. If not, it will be 5 days. That would mean nearly two weeks off-line. What a ---. I can't say the colorful words I would like to.
  I just hope the new modem comes soon and is in good working order.
In the midst of  yet another snowstorm with a midweek Lenten service this evening. I figure I might not get home til 11 pm. Well, as long as I get home safe and sound that's really all that matters.
If I get to the church where the service is and they have cancelled, I'll be madder than a hornet!!!
Being Lutheran, I'm sure they will stoically have the service regardless of the weather!!!

Monday, March 10, 2014


I have been in exile for days now as we have a problem with our internet at home.
6 days of no internet. at all. Everything we tried and with tech support up to this point has not worked. I think it may be the modem. All else appears to be working. And all of it is way beyond my simple understanding.
  I have to catch up on my email at the church.
  It appears my voice this Lent is being silenced in this, hopefully, very temporary exile. It certainly is exasperating and frustrating. Perhaps, I am being pointed to working on things that don't depend on the internet. But has impacted some of my leisure activity.
  So, if I remain silent for a time - it is about getting on-line. I pray it will be fixed before too long.