Monday, February 08, 2010

Did I say spared? Compared to the Mid-Atlantic, we were spared. 10 inches at home, 16 inches were I serve. Piles of snow are everywhere and with the sunshine and blue skies, the snow reflects even more light - a bright white. Just in time for Transfiguration Sunday!
Not enjoying my traipsing at least 4 times a day through the stomped path in the snow from car to the rickety stairs of the apartment. Good exercise though!!
Looks like we're on track to get some more snow tomorrow afternoon into Wednesday. I pray it won't be more than a couple inches.
The church parking lot was plowed but still somewhat snow packed and icy. We still had a fair attendence especially because of Scout Sunday and the Cub Scouts and their parents.
The parking lot, after two days with sunshine is pretty clear and dry pavement-wise. So was our driveway! The sun is good to help melt and dry up pavement.
It was somewhat foggy this morning and the trees and bushes were coated in ice and white - more beautiful than words can express. In places it was foggy and when the sun came through on my long drive in - there was a partial sun dog.
With all this bright whiteness around me, it sets the mood for Transfiguration Sunday.

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