Monday, October 20, 2014


  It has been crazy busy. I've had two funerals, a wedding, two baptisms, one memorial service attended and calling hours for another attended, in the space of really only three weeks. I am supposed to be writing my curriculum for Confirmation on Exodus, complete with handouts, a table tent with reflective questions, my presentation, questions for small group discussion and closing devotions. I am so far behind.
   I worked on the wedding service and found out, only a month before the wedding that the couple had a good friend they wanted to do the vows, rings, etc. OK, thanks for letting me know. I contact the fellow and ask if he wants to do the message since he's doing rings, vows, etc. I email him, the entire service all laid out and ask in that email a couple times - does he want to do the message, let me know.  He says, he'll just share a couple words before the vows..I spend time and work on the message.
   Rehearsal evening arrives, I get the rehearsal up and going and run everybody through everything.
  Stay for dinner at the church and offer grace.
  Now, mind you this is the granddaughter of a matriarch and granddaughter grew up in the church.
  On Friday ( my normal day off), I leave around 1 pm for the 3:30 pm wedding. Brides and gals are here when I arrive - Grandma has key to church.
   Groom and guys arrive.
    I check in on everyone. I turn on lights, unlock front doors, turn on sound system. Speak with musician, speak with photographer.
   Grab a snack and some water.
    1/2 hour before the service, the other pastor (who knows what denomination, his full time job is a school superintendent) casually asks how long my message is - I figure the usual 4-5 minutes. Then he says, he was working on his "few words" which has now evolved into 5-7 minutes. Ungraciously, I admit (afterall, I did pre-marital counseling with the couple and spent hours on that, putting the service together, and writing my message, plus directing the rehearsal) I responded, with a touch of anger, "Had I known, that would've saved me a lot of work." I walked out the room to deal with some other things in readying the church.
  Three times I had asked him if he wanted to do the message. No, just, "I'll say a couple words".
What an - , I'm sorry, clergy aren't supposed to use those words.
   Oh and the service went smoothly, I didn't give my message - what bridal couple needs two messages - did everything with a smile for the couple's special day.
   I neither got asked to be in a formal picture nor was I invited to the reception.
   Actually, I was just glad to go home even if I was fuming all the way home. That idiot of a pastor never offered an apology or anything. And I am just supposed to take it. Well, I'm tired of it and don't plan on doing any more weddings here or if so, no other pastor. They are a royal pain.
   Perhaps, if I hadn't had two funerals in the midst of all this, I may have had more patience.
 On a lighter note, our dishwasher kinda bit the dust - oh, the repairman, fixed the dial, but couldn't promise how long it would last - a week, a month, a year. We got a wonderful new stainless steel Bosch - so quiet we hardly know its on and really cleans those dishes!
  Our new hot water heater will be coming this week. We thought we'd head it off at the pass, since it's lasted longer than it was supposed to and two neighbors already replaced theirs. I will not be without hot water this winter!
   So, there it is. It's also why I get cranky when I don't have a day off for two weeks!!!
   And now it's on to planning Advent and beyond and praying for sanity and to get through these next weeks that will pass by all too quickly.
   Oh, and I just have to make a Diet of Worms cake for this Sunday's coffee hour. Ever a glutton for punishment. God help me!!!!

Tuesday, October 07, 2014


OK, it's really Tuesday. I had a very full Monday and simply didn't have time. Interesting, that my star word for the year was "Time". I went from having extra time to little to no time at all. This week I won't even get a day off. Ministry is like that at times.
   For the Meet N Greet:
 Generally we live in NE OH not far from the Rubber City. Although I am Presbyterian, I am serving two different denominations in two different capacities: an interim at an ELCA church, and associate pastor of visitation at a Methodist church. I am married to a Lutheran pastor, hence, I call him, LH.
We were neither blessed or grace with children, but are guardians of two greyhounds.
  For fun, I garden a wee bit - small herb garden and only 8 tomatoes this summer due to the coolish summer and our one greyhound snatching green and yellow tomatoes off the vine and eating them - ripping of branches which made for scrawny vines. I play a type of Solataire on the computer and read when I can and not too tired. Oh, and watch Big Bang Theory a lot!
   The last book I read, was A Nearly Perfect Copy, and I can't remember the author. I really wanted to like the characters, but had a hard time with it. I really wanted them to be better people in the end. It didn't really happen. Although, it was an interesting read.
   I happened upon RevGals in June of '05 or '06 and lurked for awhile until the desire to leave a comment compelled to begin this blog. I have enjoyed the stories, experiences and support shown through RG. There is a diversity and yet it is supportive. It's been a meaningful journey, meeting clergy or church related women and their challenges and joys. Our calling is not easy, but here we can share, groan, laugh, and be in prayer with and for another. Thanks to all of you. Blessings be upon you and your ministry.