Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Five: Winter Olympics Edition

It's been two weeks of snow, or not enough snow, of heartbreak before the action even began, of snowboards and skis and skates, of joy and sorrow. At our house, we've stayed up too late, and we don't even watch sports any other time!

1) Which of the Winter Olympic sports is your favorite to watch?
Most of them - skating, ski jumping, bobsled, luge, skeleton, snowboard,
freestyle ski, Super G and Slalom skiing, hockey, even some curling. I enjoy
and find the Winter Olympics far more engaging than the Summer Olympics.

2) Some of the uniforms have attracted attention this year, such as the US Snowboarders' pseudo-flannel shirts

and the Norwegian Curling team's -- ahem -- pants.

Who do you think had the best-looking uniforms?
Hard to say, there's been such variation between different sports and countries.
I kinda liked the blue with stars on the ski aerials.

3) And Curling. Really? What's up with that?
Ahhh, skill and strategy with a polished granite stone that looks like
a tea kettle!!!! Kind of bocce ball but for ice!

4) Define Nordic Combined. Don't look it up. Take a guess if you must.
Skiing off a jump, flying through air, and landing on your feet, combined with
a grueling cross country ski course!

(There will be a prize for the best answer, but be aware, this is a judged sport.)

5) If you could be a Winter Olympics Champion just by wishing for it, which sport would you choose for winning your Gold Medal?
I'm utterly fascintated with ski jumping, but couldn't deal with the height.
I'm not a skier. I can't decide if its better to go down an icy chute at
too many miles per hour head first or feet first or even in a bobsled.
I was never good at ice skating and too heavy to be lifted for pairs skating.
I have qualified in rifle shooting but the cross country would do me in for
the biatholon.
In an ideal world - ice dancing.
In this world as I am - just for watching every night and wanting to see
more than they broadcast.


Songbird said...

The ice dancing really is a dream of grace, isn't it?

stinuksuk said...

More than likely!