Saturday, May 09, 2015


So for today’s Friday Five, tell us about five of your favorite places.

1. My corner on the couch when I have time to relax and catch an episode of the Big Bang Theory.

2. Lake Michigan Lake House up in WI when I visit my sister and family. It's wonderful to walk
    the beach and be by the water.

3. Switzerland - when we go to visit my side of the family. Always good to back in the town
                          where Dad grew up and where my Grandma lived. Spent a lot time there and
                          over the years there's been some changes but it's still a second home.

4. Chicago - where I was born and grew up. My sister still lives there and I love to visit her.
                     Just hate the traffic!

5. My bed where I drop off exhausted and tired every night! It's been very hectic for me since
    Holy Week - baptisms, confirmation classes, meetings, sick folks in the hospital, cleaning
    house every other week, prepping for Sunday services & sermons, bringing in a new member.
    So, my bed and pillow where I can rest and sleep for another day.

6. Extra - my garden, where I've been playing in the dirt; planting herbs, pulling weeds, putting
                in flower seed and fretting over things growing or not growing! There's always weeds
                to be pulled! Next up will be putting in the wee tomato plants.