Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Thankfully, we did not get as much snow as predicted. I did have to trudge through 3 inches of new snowfall to my van. Then spend time brushing the snow off the van and scraping the icy windows so I can see enough to drive safely. I had to back up twice, in order to get out onto the street.
When I arrived at church, nothing had been shoveled and only half the parking lot had been plowed. So, I got out the shovel and spent 50 minutes shoveling three entrances and sidewalks and putting down salt. After all the psuedo Meals On Wheels were here preparing meals and the drivers would be showing up to make meal deliveries. It would not have been so bad, had I not been having tinges in my back lately - the kind that are have been the precursor of when my back gives out (tight, balled up muscles). We'll see how the back reacts.
It would have been nice for the custodian to call before I shovelled and salted everything to say she wouldn't be in til say 11 am.
As I gaze out the white window, I will have to brush off my van before driving back to the apartment for lunch. And I will have to take off my shoes, put on my boots and bundle back up. Some days, Florida gleams gold and issues forth her siren call - "Come, come away to sunny Florida!"
The kids all got snow days. I should have had one too!!!! But not tomorrow, I go home tomorrow and I don't want anything to come between me and going home.

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