Monday, November 01, 2010

LH just called to say he spoke with the Vet and the pathology report came back. Jett has hemangiosarcoma. My handsome, refined, elegant 9 year old grey is terminal as it is an aggressive cancer. This is the first grey we had to have cancer and the first dog I've had to get cancer. We will do what we can to keep him comfortable for as long as possible. We'll find out more at our Vet appointment on Friday. I can't see putting Jett through more just to prolong his life by an extra month or so. He's had a hard enough time of dealing with this surgery. I had feared it might be a cancer, but I was hoping the earlier blood test that was negative for cancer was true.
LH is still looking for a position, mine will be ending by the end of the year, no income, no health insurance, and now this, losing our beloved Jett. It is more than I can bear...

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