Monday, November 22, 2010


Have pretty much gotten the bulletin and liturgy ready for the First Sunday in Advent - this coming Sunday! I worked on it last week already and trying to work ahead.
Still am working on the sermon, prayers and kids' sermon - which will be a series of boxes within boxes - 5 of them each wrapped in different Christmas paper with a bow. There will be a tag on each bow - do not open until the next Sunday! Thankfully, we had to order a new big fry pan from major on-line retailer and it came in a nice big box. The smallest and last box that will get opened on Christmas Eve has a cutesy nativity scene. (not necessarily my style but cute for the kids). There's bit of prep work involved in this but it builds the anticipation over the weeks.
Now, if I just had my sermon done with sermon title, that would be great.
Have one pre-surgery visit to make this afternoon. So, I will get it done hpefully today, so that I can begin working on the next two weeks of Advent.
The secretary will be taking vacation in the middle of December and I really have to have things in place.
I think I will be pretty worn out come Christmas. Since I have to commute in on Friday, Dec. 24th (my normal day off) and then commute back on Sat. evening for Sun. Dec. 26th, I have graciously been given Monday, Dec. 27th off. Thanks be to God.
Well, back to the old keyboard in Word and praying for more inspiration!

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