Tuesday, November 23, 2010

In this dark night, it seems as if this entire past year has been an Advent that keeps continuing...I'm ready for the coming...of new life to born into our lives. But we are still waiting...hoping...praying...trying not to lose heart...or hope. This extended waiting has dulled us, wearied us. We started out expectantly, anticipating this new thing God would bring to us or bring us to. It has yet to happen.
Yet, another disappointment with an interview that went nowhere for LH.
I am still living an hour from home. Still freezing on the cold days and nights, relying on space heaters for a little warmth, still hauling laundry back and forth and clothing changing from summer to winter, and groceries every week.
It will last longer. I am thankful for serving this good community of faith and thankful we have a small income coming in from me.
But this waiting is hard...and doubt creeps in. And I wait for God to break in into my life again...filling me...being close to me. I am ready or so I think, to move on, to begin anew and again...God apparently still has some work left do with my spirit and in me.
And so we wait...awhile longer...but not too much long...dear God.

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