Saturday, October 30, 2010

Wow, that sedative from the Vet really worked. Jett slept all afternoon and evening. Course, he was exhausted anyway from being overstressed. Today, he finally had some morsels of cooked ground turkey. He ate some. More to come later and slowly work in the dog kibble. He hasn't eaten in three days and I was getting worried. It's not like greyhounds have a lot extra on them plus they have such a high metabolism.
Now he can walk and actually go outside without help from us.
Looks like he's on the mend.
Just have to wait for the pathology report this week.
Thanks for your prayers.


Songbird said...

I didn't realize this was going on, I'm so sorry. Prayers for Jett and for all who love him.

stinuksuk said...

Thanks Songbird. I know your loss is great right now.