Monday, November 08, 2010

Well, after our visit with the Vet, I feel a little better. Jett's prognosis remains the same, but he may be with us for a month, or three or even eight months. Hard to say since we are not going to have extra x-rays and scans done, nor or we opting for chemo, which may only prolong his life by a month or two more at great expense nor will we ever amputate his right front leg or any leg. We will love him, monitor his quality of life and when the day comes, we will let him go in peace to cross Rainbow Bridge.
I think just knowing he could be with us for a while yet, made it easier for me.
I also remind myself that every year that Jett has been with us has been an extra year in his life that he may never have had. So, many greyhounds are destroyed when they can no longer race or win races and bring in money. It's a nasty business when you have so many wonderful hounds with so much love to give whose lives are cut short because of a money-making industry. So, there is that consolation that Jett will have had a real home full of tasty treats and morsels in his dish, a yard to run in just for fun, comfy couch and love seat with pillows to rest his head, kisses and chest rubs that make him feel good, all kinds of fun toys and a chance to be a regular dog with people who love him and care for him. That's not bad to have a second chance at life. I wish he could be with us for at least a couple more years, but that is highly improbable. So, we will take it day by day and week by week. That's all any of us can do anyway. One day at a time as God graces us with it and to be thankful for that day, and live it with love.

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