Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Although my FIL is terminal, apparently yesterday was not the day he was to join the Church Triumphant and Eternal. When LH arrived at the hospital, the medication had begun to work and FIL was awake, although unable to talk with a tube in his mouth.
LH had a good visit with his Dad and read him his mail.
He drove back there again today to see him and to complete some legal/financial business.
We are on the alert, however, knowing that FIL could go at any time in the near future. I doubt that FIL will ever get back to his apartment or drive again. I pray that I will get a chance to see him one last time when we go to visit on Thanksgiving Day.
This is one of very few times, when I will not have had FIL and SILS for Thanksgiving with turkey and trimmings. We will miss the leftover turkey, homemade stock, and the greys will miss those things as well.
Life intervenes and what was a tradition of us hosting Thanksgiving will change this year and who knows what the future will bring?
As for now, I will be content to just see FIL one last time.

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