Monday, November 15, 2010

Thankful for the Indian Summer we had last week, I was able to cut down the Siberian Irises for the winter and pull out the Chinese Lanterns. There are still some roots and they will come back next year again. I still have one set of Irises to cut down as the leaves weren't yellow/brown enough yet.
I pulled some extraneous grasses and throw some cow manure down on both perenial beds.
I laid the flower beds to rest for the winter with a touch of sadness. But I was glad to give back (some nutrients) for all the beauty and joy the flowers gave to me all spring, summer and fall. The flowers deserve a long rest and I will begin to look forward to spring when one by one they will greet me again with their colored faces. Wherever we may end up, I hope that the next owners will enjoy them as much as I have. The provided food for bumblebees, honey bees, and even the finches who ate their seeds.
Jett visited the vet on Friday and got his bandages removed. His left elbow looks the best it has since the end of May - yes, a bit bald but healing well. Soon, soon, he will get the air donuts off his neck and really be free and enjoy the remaining weeks, months of his life. He deserves that and as many chest rubs as he wants whenever I am home for my days off.
For now Jett can rest better and the flowers too.

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