Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Waiting...Still Waiting....

Yup, here it is March 26th and we are still waiting for Spring. It would be wonderful to have a day or two of 50+ degrees days. At least the sun is shining for now, and the birds are chirping. The daffodil leaves are poking up as are the tulips and crocuses. They have been poking up for awhile but then the snow covers them back up again. But like clockwork, they rise up from the cold hard ground amongst the weeds that didn't get removed last fall and the encroaching pin cushion plant babies running amok.
But, O, for a day or two of a bit warmer weather. The spirit aches and the soul and body longs for spring to arrive.
We must have had one of the coldest March's on record. Not even to have a stray 60 degree day somewhere in the month.
So, I wait just awhile longer and hope that soon, soon, there will be some warmer days.

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