Tuesday, March 25, 2008


It was a funny lent, not funny haha, just funny more like different. Perhaps, because it was so early, I didn't have enough space to plan. Then with the snow and ice, 3 of our Lenten breakfasts were cancelled, 1 Lenten soup supper and I Lenten Sunday worship service. Then before you knew it, it was Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Easter! Wheew! It all come much too fast.
Getting up at 5 am for the very, very chilly sunrise service at 7:15 am was not pleasant at all! The Methodist neighboring pastor changed the location from just outside our church doors to down by the cemetary - 1 block from the church. Not far but when it's merely 23 degrees outside it's just too cold. She spoke a wee bit longer than necessary. We processed into the darkened church, blew out our candles and warmed up in our fellowship hall with the bank of east windows where the sunrise was wonderfully visible and light. The rest of the service went well and the breakfast was great and the sun poured into the windows bathing us all in a glorious bright light.
After breakfast, I helped clean up. Set up the baskets of rocks for the ushers and took a few moments of quiet.
We had a wonderful worship by the grace of God, with the church much fuller than usual, a few more kids up front for the children's chat, blooming tulips and budded but not yet blooming Easter lilies. This is the first Easter I can ever remember when not lily had a flowering bloom! I mentioned that Easter was so early this year not even the lilies had a chance to open!!!! Everyone recieved a rock and how God can remove the rocks in our lives even as God removed the rock that entombed Jesus. With the rocks removed, we are given new and everlasting and abundant life.
Communion was a joy to celebrate.
I finally got home at 1 pm ready for the egg salad sandwich I put together quickly.
After changing into comfy sweats, I feel asleep on the couch for just over an hour. LH slept more since he finished lunch and got upstairs before I went up to change.
Had a lazy day and made supper of crab cakes, fettucini, broccoli, cauliflower, and LH's homemade Newburg Sauce (even better made with tomato paste instead of ketchup). We enjoyed a couple Pirouline Wafers (Rolled with chocolate hazelnut creme - mmmmmmmmm....)for dessert.
Yesterday, I was wonderfully granted as a reading day. I was able to sleep in and spent the day reading: Becoming a Blessed Church by N. Graham Standish.
Yayyyy! Got it finished and began Robert Fulghum's new book, What Have I Done?
So, it was a quiet, gentle, and productive day.
Fortunately, I did work ahead and have the liturgy together for our Joy Sunday this coming Sunday, March 30th which includes a baptism. Now, all I need is to work up a sermon!
Now there is some breathing space although I know April and May will fly by quickly. For now, there is this post-easter space to simply be in the light of our Lord's resurrection.

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