Wednesday, March 12, 2008

War Has Been Officially Declared:
Had a good Lenten breakfast this morning with about 30 between the Methodist church and ours. This has been the third breakfast out of six. Half had to be cancelled because of the weather. The last one will be next week. Fortunately, I'll be doing a longer piece on "Living in Grace" tomorrow evening at LH's church for their once a month Mugs N Muffins Young Adult Bible Study. I pray it will go well.
Because of having to cancel worship on Sunday, I am actually going into Holy Week better prepared and rested than usual. Neither LH or I have been sick! A major church season without sickness, has to be the first in a long time.
We've heard the call the red-winged blackbird last Thursday before the major snow, on Sunday towards evening and again the other morning. Robins are around all year and it is the blackbird that is a true sign of spring. Now, if we could just melt the snow away and warm up some!!!
This morning while looking out the kitchen window, I saw a sparrow in the bluebird box. The hole in the box was plugged up all winter. It was plugged up yesterday. I don't know what the sparrows did with the rag plugging up the hole. I didn't see it lying on the ground, course it and the snow are both white. Perhaps they shoved it into the box. The drifts back there are still deeper than I want to walk through but I am livid. War is now declared on the sparrows. They are persistent little buggers!!!!
So, in a way, spring must be right on the way, if the War on Sparrows has begun!!!

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