Monday, April 07, 2008


It's been a whirlwind around here. Two parishioners with medical diagnoses you wish no one would have, and an incident that anguished my soul. It made me wonder, why I do what I do, that all my preaching has been for naught. I wept, I prayed, I began to think that I had best update my dossier. I know I often fall short of living out my faith, but this was grievious in damaging relationships. Suffice it to say, I felt I had failed as a pastor to this certain parishioner-who-does-so-much.
Later last week, I receive a call from said parishioner that perhaps, some reconciliation had begun to take place. My prayers have been for this to happen.
Prayers continue for reconciliation.
So, to recover from this drama-that-didn't-need-to-ever-happen, and several long and spirit-draining weary days, I took the dogs to the Vet for their annual, had my van washed, cleaned out the herb garden and put down the cow manure,and then picked up all the doggie doo (after how many winter months?)and filled two shopping bags full. But the yard is clean now! Or was, since, the Boys have since made new contributions!!
Because the weather was so great, I went to the Big Box Home Store and picked up fertilizer and laid that down, hoping to combat the dandelions before they rear their yellow heads. This is the earliest I've gotten the fertiziler in in several years. Wow!
The crocus and anenomes are blooming even amid the sour clover I couldn't pull out last fall.
LH put the mealworm container on the birdhouse and I put some mealworms in Sunday evening. Beau and Belle, the Bluebirds, were on the birdhouse and had eaten their worms for breakfast. It looked like they want to build a nest. Pray that the sparrows will stay away and not harm their eggs this year.
All these things, gave me some hint of control, dealing with what needed attention, and fed my soul. I so look forward to planting some fresh herbs and even a couple more perenials. I delight in watching what will pop up next in my perenial garden. And the weekend was good, very good. And spring has finally arrived here. And reconciliation is possible.l

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