Thursday, March 06, 2008


(I'm making up for lost time by posting twice today!)

I am beginning to feel like Jonah. I have tried to squirm my way out of Jury Duty with only limited results!
The Judge in County we live in had my number last year. I tried to excuse myself claimly (rightly) that I am a solo pastor. He didn't accept that as an excuse. So, every evening I had to call in and see if I was to report. He never seated a jury all that week. I was relieved after such a week of being on tenterhooks. I should be safe for years.
Nope. The Judge has called my number again and I was scheduled for next week. Yah, right before Holy Week, extra services and two late evenings that week. So, I pleaded again that as a Solo pastor and right before Holy Week was a hardship. Maybe the Judge does go to church. I was excused! Yipee!!!
Read the next paragraph of his letter and I'm rescheduled for the week of May 5th. Dum, Dum, Da-dum...
The Judge will not rest until I serve on his jury. He will not let me go. He will continue to hound me, to seek me out, to call my number and demand my presence in his courtroom. I know what Jonah feels like. I can run, but will be found and caught. There is no escape, until I serve as I have been called to serve. Sigh.
I'm thinking maybe I should give the Judge LH's number. There's a fish that's never been caught!!!!
I served Jury Duty in Chicago while in Seminary, scared that I would have to serve on a trial and miss classes and have to take a semester over. Mercifully, my number wasn't called that day and I was done.
Then I got called up to Jury Duty while in the City on the North Coast. Fortunately, they accepted my excuse as being a solo pastor and I was excused.
LH has yet to ever be called up.
I am Jonah...

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