Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Living La Vida Arctic:

And so it snowed and snowed and snowed with a fairly good wind. Late Sat. afternoon, I let the dogs out and let them in and the sliding glass door to the backyard wouldn't, couldn't be shut all the way. Snow was blowing into the house where the 2 doors bypass each other, just blew in like it was outside and not inside a house. The 1 1/2 inch gap where the door couldn't quite reach the frame wasn't snowing in hardly at all. It was so weird. LH helped get towels to stick in between the doors. I ran down for plastic sheeting and duct tape and could only find plastic packing tape. (Why is it, in an emergency, I simply can't find what I need?)
By the time we had the 2 ends of the door stopped with towels, covered in plastic and tape that didn't want to stick to wet glass, I had removed over 5 sherbet container tubs of snow! The wind was wicked and just blew in with a vengence.
Of course, now that the door was frozen open and unuseable, we had to harness the greys and coax them down the garage steps and out the overhead garage door, since the snowdrifts at the side door were the height of greyhounds. The were discombobulated as to why it was ok to do their business on the driveway (which was snow covered even after being snowthrowed clean). So everytime they had to go out, it was put on boots, heavy coat, scarf, hat and mittens and leash the dogs, and trek outside. The worst is always first thing in the morning, when you're still half asleep and throw on your sweats and take them out. Ugghhh...
Fortunately, it was sunny on Sunday and between the radiant heat from the afternoon sun and the heat of my hair blowdryer, we managed to get the door unstuck and mop the melted ice that collected quicker than the blink of an eye. How glorious
to be able to use the door again. The dogs could just run out, they could freely roam and frollick in the snow, and I could be warm and dry in the kitchen without boots, hats and scarves!!!
I am so looking forward to spring! I've lived La Vita Arctic. Enough!!!

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