Saturday, March 08, 2008


We are presently being buried under vast quantities of snow. The wind is blowing and drifting the snow as well. It does not look good for holding worship tomorrow morning. I'm still pondering how I will traverse the state route to get to church, or which state route to try. Many of our folks are older and won't attempte to go out, which is wise. Several churches in NE OH are already cancelling their worship services. So far in my 4 years at Country Church we have had to cancel Sunday worship nearly 1 Sunday every winter due to adverse weather. Looks like tomorrow will be our Sunday to cancel. This, of course, on the Sunday when clocks are ahead one hour as well.
The weather forecast says that it will be near fifty degrees by the end of the week!
Yup, that's NE OH for you!
Even the greyhounds, with their long spindly legs are having to plow through the snow in the backyard. Good thing we don't have a Yorkie!!!
It's back to work on the Maundy Thursday service.
It's disappointing about worship tomorrow. I was planning to bring in a beef shank bone which the dogs have completely chewed cleaned and which have been washed and dried and are really bleached-out looking for the children's sermon. Sigh. Guess I'll save it all for 3 years from now!!!!
May all your services go well and be a blessing to you, leaders, and to all who will join together in worship tomorrow. I and our faithful will worship with you in spirit in our homes.

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redheadrev said...

I am using your bone idea in my sermon, but using pictures instead of the real thing. Thanks for the great idea. Too bad you don't get to use. Have a good day off, though.