Thursday, March 06, 2008


Yikes!!! It's already March and I've been busy.
LH and I spent the better part of Leap Day, driving up to the Big City on the Northcoast to meet with our tax preparer. It snowed slushy snow all the way there and took a bit longer. Afterwards, we went to the Great Market and found some Arctic Char and Great Lakes Whitefish! Yipee! We scored! I found a bone for Jett. There was only one acceptable bone. Poor Ben. He got a couple extra Milkbones. Pounced on some fresh asparagus and garlic.
When we got home, I still had to run to the grocery store for other incidentals.
Saturday, I worked on the Maundy Thursday service and Sunday's service.
Sunday was another Soup Supper at a neighboring church just 8 miles from home and 15 minutes one way.
I may have a very sick parishioner on my hands next week, depending on the diagnosis. The pre-diagnosis is pretty awful.
Our Wed. Lenten breakfast was cancelled due to ice. There's a beautiful icy coating on the trees, bushes, and yes, even the grass. Yesterday, for a brief moment
a beam of sunshine broke through the overcast skies and just sparkled up the birch tree and grass in our backyard around suppertime. It was most amazingly gorgeous.
So, that's where I've been and how February slide into March before I could write!

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