Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I got a snow day today, since it's been snowing up a storm today.
Since I live a county north of where I serve, we had oodles of snow and they had snow and freezing rain which turned back into snow.
The state route (2 lane) is a winding, curvy, hilly road which often isn't plowed first thing since the highways come first. I wasn't even going to attempt it this morning, too much snow.
Spent the morning working on the Maundy Thursday service.
I should have slept in!
Looks like LH will have to start up the snowthrower later on.
It's kinda nice to have a snowday, like the kids at school. I've gotten quite a bit down on Maundy Thurs. and have my laundry going as well. Made several phone calls to parishioners and now its a cozy, quiet day.
Our Lenten Soup Supper went very well. The families of our youth made 13 different kinds of soup with grated cheddar and mozzarella cheese and oyster crackers to put in your soup. Several Presby churches in our county are involved in these Sunday evening Soup Suppers.
I did a spiel on Prayer, presented 5 different types of prayer and invited them to try one of them out for about 10-12 minutes. They then could make a symbol out of white pipe cleaners which they brought forward and placed on the altar which had a purple tablecloth with white rope light oval on it. We sang a closing hymn: Take Time to be Holy and had a closing prayer. At each place setting, there was a card with a quote from Teilhard de Chardin and a small wood cross that they could take home. I also prepared a handout on each of the five prayers for them to take home and to try them at home. It went wonderfully well.
My prayer is that God's Spirit would open them to a new way of praying that would spark their prayer life and deepen their relationship with God. All I can do is present and invite...the rest is in God's hands.
So, having today as a snow day has been a wonderful gift.
I hope, of course, to be able to go in tomorrow. I think there's about 4-5 inches already. What a blessed grace in the middle of Lent to be given a quiet day to be with God, to enjoy the snow that washes over everything making it clean, fresh and bright, and to savour the breathing space this day brings with it. Ahhhhhh....

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