Tuesday, January 04, 2011

...you start your New Year off with a funeral
...you're working on your annual report
...you're preparing for the annual congregational meeting
...you're constantly preparing for Sunday and working on yet another sermon
...all the committees that didn't meet in December are all on the calendar
for January
...you're still tired from Advent & Christmas
...there's still 3 days of Christmas left to catch up on visits
...the heat goes out, the boiler breaks down, the furnace dies on
the coldest day (usually a Sat. night to affect Sunday worship)
...you explain the "mystery" of per capita once again (only us,
Welcome to 2011!! Welcome to a New Year!!
Blessings to all who are serving our churches.
May your words challenge and comfort, build up rather than tear down,
inspire and encourage, remind and strengthen. May grace flow through you to touch, transform and change the ones you meet. May love be in all you do and say. May peace take root and grow within you. May hope be the heels that support you and keep you in all you will encounter and all that will unfold. And look ever to the Light that shines before you and all around you, even in the midst of dark nights and bright days. Be blessed this year.

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