Thursday, January 20, 2011

Right here, preparing for yet another funeral, annual report, annual congregational prayers and remarks and being without a computer for two days. Yes, it had to get debugged. It froze up and that as they say was that. Right at the end of my funeral sermon that I was at the point of saving. Thank you very much! Had to rewrite the whole thing and it turned out somewhat different than the first.
Nothing more infuriating. It put me out for a couple hours afterward. Although, the men are working on renovating the women's restroom downstairs, there was nothing to demolish. That had all ready been done. More's the pity!!! I was ready to bash something in or pound something.
As it was, I eventually went to lunch and then worked on Sunday's sermon and made a visit. I didn't work on the funeral sermon again until the next morning. By then I was calm and ready to tackle it once more.
The funeral will be tomorrow, my day off. It figures. And it will take the whole day. A snowstorm is expected this afternoon and tonight with a few inches and bitterly cold. I'll have to leave home earlier tomorrow morning, calling hours are from noon to 1 pm, the service at 1 pm with the committal and luncheon afterwards. I probably won't stay at the luncheon for long but it will be about 4 pm by the time I get home and I may have to leave around 10 am that morning.
Will be back in town, Sat. evening for Sunday service with annual meeting, so a longer day Sunday as well.
The consolation is that I can leave early today, run to the grocery store, fill up the gas tank, do some laundry, and get my hair cut. Hope I can squeeze it all in this afternoon.
The other consolation is that we had a good Session meeting yesterday evening. The PNC is hard at work and it probably won't be long until they find their new pastor.
Time to update my dossier - just not this hectic weekend.
The fire alarm just started beeping....gotta go!

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