Thursday, January 13, 2011

It Was To Be -
a week of meetings, all of which were cancelled due to snow and the hazardous roads. Perhaps, in this part of the country, we get use to having to cancel a meeting due to snowy conditions or roads. All the committee members are giving a sigh of relief, that they get a night in that they hadn't planned. The church will not come to a grinding halt because the committees didn't meet this month. We will keep on functioning and pick up and go on.
I was able to make dinner rather than just microwave a frozen dinner. Finally, ate that frozen pork chop and fish. Kind of normal and nice.
So, my schedule changed from what was to be to what it became and it was good, all right, okay. Some things are not worth fighting.
Perhaps, this dark night was also to be and not worth fighting, but living into it, seeing the goodness of it, and still being thankful. It has been such a struggle. But I haven't come to a grinding halt and will keep on functioning and go on. I would like it to be so different, mind you. However, I will continue to be taught, to learn from this dark night.
I will keep reading, praying, trusting even when it runs as thin as fiber optic strands.
It was to be -

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