Monday, January 10, 2011

The weekend went by far too quickly - laundry, banking, grocery shopping, a run to the fabric store for thread, stop in the license office for new license plates, more laundry, cooking dinner, doing dishes, feeding the Boys, rubbing the Boys, shortening the sleeve length on a top, oil change, tire rotation and new rear wiper blade arm.
I didn't get everything done. I pulled out my birth certificate to make a copy of it for my children's sermon. I remembered my Mom and Dad, read through my Baby Book which is not very long and lingered over the pictures and wondered where the time went and how fast it all goes by. I am astounded that my Mom had put a picture of my cousin in place of mine. It doesn't even really look like me. She probably forgot to put her glasses on!!!
I did notice that Mom wrote that I loved to read and that the skits and poems I prepared for Christmas Eve were always welcome and that my gifts in these areas made that time of year and our celebrations more special. I had not remembered her writing that. It was nice to receive and read that affirmation. We received so little of it growing up. The Germanic "ok, but know that you could do it even better next time."
Guess I always felt my Mom never understood me or knew what to do with me - too much like my Dad and his side of the family, rebellious, creative, reading and writing, sometimes crafting, coming up with hare-brained ideas! I was not the tidy, little, hausfrau who kept everything clean and neat.
But here she wrote that she did indeed appreciate my gifts. And that has warmed my heart in these cold days of winter as I contemplate another birthday next month. So, perhaps, I wasn't what she expected from her daughter, but she noticed and appreciated the gifts I had. That's worth everything! Thanks, Mom. I know you hear me still and I know you can feel my thanks and gratitude rising up to heaven. And I know you still laugh whenever I take on a sewing project and it takes me longer than it ever would take you, or I have to mull it over how best to tackle it, when you knew just by looking at something what and how it needed to be done.
But thanks for your words of affirmation when I really needed to hear them.
So, for a busy weekend, there was time to reconnect with who I was, and the loved ones in my life and those I still miss so very much.

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