Monday, January 24, 2011

Ever Notice -
that once your car has been in an accident and repaired, it's just not the
same it was before? Maybe the differences are really noticeable or more
perhaps, more subtle. But, somehow you sense, see, feel, it is just not
as it was before.
when you have your computer cleaned and you have to re-enter short-
cuts, favorite places and a whole of host of other things, and it
is different than it was before.
after some surgeries, although you are better and good to go, you
may not be back to "normal" and you are or feel different. Then you
begin a new normal.
I wonder how different I will be, what my new normal will be like after this dark night ends. I do not know. But I do know that I can trust God and however, this may unfold, God will be there as always and will guide me. As silent as God now is, I know God is still there and holding me in God's care. May the light of Epiphany illumine my way and be the tiny glow in the deep dark.

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