Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I am still pondering the horror of the medical aid workers who were so brutally killed. Angels of mercy, speakers of the language, ones who had shared in the life and culture of Afghanistan. With whom had they drunk tea?
They were there to help, to alleviate suffering only to have their lives snuffed out for no good and for no reason. It grieves my soul.
I am still waiting to hear outrage from the Islamic community. Why are the Imans silent and not condeming of such violence and killing? Indeed, they haven't spoken out against any of the Islamic extremist violence. That's what I find so disturbing and unconscionable.
If it were a Christian group engaging in such violence, I certainly believe that the Christian community would speak out against that group and distance themselves from such atrocities which, of course, are contrary to the Christian faith.
And so I grieve, I grieve for these lives lost, cut short, for the ones they will not able to treat and to help, for a religion that allows such destructive and brutal violence, for a world that desecrates its life, beauty, citizens and Creator.

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Faith Hope and Cherrytea said...

thanks for speaking out and challenging current thought.
disturbing to more than yourself i'd have to agree ...