Monday, August 02, 2010

Four nights at home all in a row! How wonderful is that?!!? I still didn't get everything done, although I did manage to pull some weeds and cut a couple of them down. (I know they'll come back!) One of them has roots that go under the driveway sidewalk, so every year I keep cutting it down and back it comes. I also have more chinese lanterns than M & M's in the bag!!
All because my sister invited me to take a couple, which I did. I keep pulling and digging them up every year as well. They've kinda taken over by the inkberry.
Jett is still healing and wearing his donuts. I think he's getting tired of them but it's still to early to take them off.
It's going to be a long, hot week and the little a/c in the bedroom/living room of the apartment needs the ceiling fan and box fan to help bring temps to the upper 70's. The kitchen and bathroom remain hot, humid and uncomfortable that I will now take my salad dinner into the living/bedroom room. I should vacuum, but it is just too hot for that.
Meanwhile, LH is home with the boys in central air conditioning and comfy as can be. Sometimes, it just feels unfair. I'm keeping us afloat and that is tenuous at best and he gets to be home and be comfortable while I am sweating like crazy.
It is going on a year and LH has yet to find a position. It has been a year of heartache, heartbreak and disappointment. We are finding it hard not to get too discouraged and chug along the best we can, pursuing leads, remaining hopeful and trusting. In my dark night, that is getting extremely difficult to do. My broken, wounded spirit does not feel strong enough for this at all.
But in three nights, I will be back home again.

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