Thursday, August 19, 2010

How I long -
to hear the words, the call: "St. Inuksuk, come out!" from my Lord, calling me, inviting me, beckoning me, compelling me out of the tomb of this dark night and into the light of new life, just as it was for Lazarus. I have been entombed by hurt, silence, anxiety, fear, despair, inertia, longing for the companionship of my Lord, for far too long. Or so, I think. I cannot stay here, but do not know how long it will yet last. Is there a stirring? Or is it merely my own impatience? I long to come back to life, to really live, for the joy of my salvation to be restored. Still, I wait, I wait to hear the words I most long to hear; "St. Inuksuk, come out!"

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