Monday, August 16, 2010


Had to give up my day off on Saturday and head back to small rural town for a Fest Day sponsored by the local churches for families. Each church helped pay for 6 inflatables and sno-cone machine, come up with 3 games and activities and provide: 35 cases of one kind of pop & 5 "registration" gifts - or door prizes.
Frankly, we only got 25 cases of pop (and there were 11-12 cases left, which we ended up donating to the Salvation Army), we had 2 games and 1 activity, and I donated 5 small gifts, which I thought were totally unnecessary. Do people come because they might win a door prize? The kids seemed to have the most fun on the inflatables and all the games gave out candy or small prizes. Isn't that enough? Do we have to bribe people with gifts of a bicycle?
As it is, the local grocery store, gave out free hot dogs, chips and ice cream.
It was an extremely hot day - 90+ and very humid. I was there from noon to 4:15 pm (it ended at 4 pm) and got heat exhaustation - splitting headache and sick to my stomach. I peopled the one game - Cotton Ball Relay. I got a brief respite, by going into the building to get the other volunteer and myself a free ice cream. I drank 3 bottles of water.
I gave out on the small couch for an hour and half afterwards running the a/c, box fan and ceiling fan!!!
The kids and families all enjoyed it - except for the heat.
To the youth with the boston terrier - you should have left the dog at home in the cool. It was too hot for that little guy with a snub nose. They can't get enough air in to cool off. Please, if you love your dog, leave him home with a dish of cool, fresh water next time.
So, the day was both a bane and blessing.
On Sunday evening my niece arrives at 6:15 pm, on her way from NH/MA back to IL. She had dinner with us and spent the night. We loved seeing her and having her stay. It was just all to short and she was exhausted from all the driving. After a squirrely morning, making coffee, breakfast, washing up the dishes, it was time to take Jett to the vet and for niece to take off.
On Sunday morning, LH returns from pulpit supplying and somehow, when he returned home, excitement could not be contained with the greys and Jett must've hit his elbow on the corner of a doorway getting to the front door. The edge of his "ouie" breaks open and bleeds a little. Not again! It was good for the whole week - no bleeding and the scab feel off.
Sunday was a bane and blessing.
Since Jett had a vet visit scheduled this am, I went with so he could relax in the van. The vet prescribed another round of antibiotics and topical salve for 2 weeks. Poor fellow, those inflatable donuts will not be coming off his neck anytime soon!! This has been going on for 9 weeks. And let's not even mention the cost!! Mostly, I feel bad for Jett, for I know he wants to experience the joy of just wearing his collar and being himself. I guess he needs some extra prayers for healing.
I, pray, that the week will be more of a blessing than a bane!

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