Saturday, August 21, 2010

Friday Five: De/Re/CLutter?
Since posting about decluttering, I am still muttering about the need for it in my house. How about you?
1. What things do you like to hang onto?
Craft stuff, shoes that I keep hoping won't hurt my feet, and
denominational magazines.

2. What is hard to let go of?
Craft items or just something I may need sometime. If I throw it
out - then shortly thereafter, I find I needed that item!!

3. What is easy to give away?
Clothes that no longer fit.

4. Is there any kind of stumbling block connected to cleaning out?
Time and the quantity of some of the stuff - gifts bought early for
SS teacher, VBS, staff thankyous.

5.What do you like to collect, hoard or admire?
Love, love, love pottery - bowls, plates, mugs, vases. I can no
longer buy mugs as there is no place in the cabinet for them.

BONUS: Tell us about recycling or whatever you can think of that goes
along with this muttering about cluttering.
I always donate clothing, shoes that I cannot wear that I thought
I could, and we recycle glass bottles, jars and containers.

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