Monday, January 26, 2009


List 5 things that help you deal with Cabin Fever.
(Mostly pplies those of us in the cold & snowy North)

1. Catch up on my mending, hemming, resewing buttons, and ironing etc. Opps, have
yet to do the ironing and it's already the end of January.

2. Snooze on the couch along with the greys. Although, Toby hasn't figured out
how to get up on the couch. Every greyhound we've had figured it out by
the second day with us.

3. Cook lasagne. Yup, just this Saturday made my yearly panful. LH makes lovely
individual freezer packs that will make for an easy dinner later on. The boys
got some leftover meat sauce and a couple noodles.

4. Fight the cold - fill the feeder event. The quick dash to the Finch feeder, bring
it in, refill the seed and dash back out again. Not really a dash, because I look
like Randy in A Christmas Story!! Puffy heavy coat with hood, scarf and gloves,
plus with the snowy/icy patio, you step carefully.

5. Fun with computer solitaire and reading.

BONUS: Since I am now serving at 3/4 time, I hope to have more time for photography
and being creative, like say, working up a skit for Joy Sunday following
Easter Sunday.

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