Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Don't Cha -

Don't cha just hate it when meetings go on far too long?
Like last night, an hour meeting that lasted two hours. I just know there are lonely people out there who need to extend meetings for the social aspect.
Me? I have enough meetings as it is being a pastor. Why do I want to attend more?
What is it with the Scouts that their people just don't know when enough is enough?
We've given one woman her Native American Name: S-Talks-A-Lot.
What a waste of time when I could have been home an hour earlier and spent time with my greys and LH! (Especially, since it was so squally and cold and not knowing how clean and good the interstate would be.)
Have to go again next month. Yuck. I discern that since it is draining my energy and my interest level is at zero, this is not where God wants me to spend my time and energy. Maybe, I'll stick it out for a time or two and then bid farewell.
Two back to back 12 hour days with no going home in between is enough!

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