Monday, January 12, 2009


What a better thing to do on a very snowy Saturday, when your sermon's written and all is together for Sunday morning, but the roads are a disaster than to roast a chicken for supper?
The divine aroma filled the kitchen as it cooked. I steamed some frozen asparagus and cooked up some roasted chicken flavor rice and veges or noodles & veges combo. When it was time for supper - the chicken, which had been roasted with 1/2 can beer in the well of the dish, was a beautiful and enticing amber and golden color. I placed it carefully on the cutting board on the counter. LH cut white meat for me and a leg and thigh for him. It was savory and moist and the dinner was fine.
After dinner, LH goes to the sink to wash his hands while I am scraping meat off his chicken bones as tidbits for the boys. The boys were in the kitchen area attraced by the delicious aroma and the sound of plates being scraped.
Flash! Toby (the new greyhound) runs past LH's chair and into the living room with something amber and golden colored hanging from his mouth. The thievin' rascal absconded with the half chicken sitting on the cutting board on the counter. LH ran after him and wrestled the chicken from Toby who hadn't even had a chance to take a bite!!!! have gotten so far with such a enormous, scrumptious morsel in the mouth and not even one bite!
My jaw just dropped in disbelief as I numbly said, "Toby's got the chicken!" It was almost like the scene from 'A Christmas Story' when the Bumpeses bloodhound dogs ravaged the roasted turkey.
We now have two thievin' rascals living with us, and in the home of two preachers yet!!!
(We made sure that Toby didn't break any chicken bones or swallow any - he simply didn't have the chance! And oh, how wonderful that Toby is so good natured that he didn't even growl when LH rescued the roasted chicken and took it from him!)

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