Monday, January 05, 2009


It's been a bit crazy by us this past week, what with the new greyhound. What a high energy grey this one is. We named him Toby, as we don't like calling our dogs by initials. He's 5 years old, white with fawn patches. Actually, Toby and Jett look pretty good together. Toby has had a couple accidents. He is very curious and pulls clothing out of the laundry room that may be laying on the floor ready to be washed.
He eats like there'll be no tomorrow, wolfs it down fast and goes straight to Jett's dish. That will be a challenge - especially since Jett doesn't always eat his breakfast at 7:30 am and may stroll over at 10 am. Now we have to put his dish up and away. If he doesn't eat breakfast early it will become his lunch.
Toby's run laps in the backyard and has learned to lift his back legs coming in from the patio. Two major ouches hitting his back foot knuckles on the ledge of the sliding glass door. No blood thankfully! He is a counter surfer and sticks his inquistive nose everywhere. This one seems to have no fear just a alot of curiousity.
He has taken to the round dog bed which Jett took over after Ben crossed Rainbow Bridge. Toby is good natured though and very likeable.
We are trying to give Jett the attention he is due, but he is sulking. Not happy with the new intruder. I think Jett still misses Ben.
When Toby and Jett are both at the door wanting to come in, it's pandemonium as both want to be the first through the door. Not good, since they could hurt themselves. Hope this will work itself out.
We are still getting to know each other and getting used to one another. It takes some time. With some greys it takes time for them to come out of their shells. I don't think Toby has a shell to come out of, he's more wysiwyg!!!
Toby is sporting a new collar and has a new leash - royal blue with rainbow interwining celtic chain design. Since he came with a teal harness, I had to find something to kinda match. There is teal in the rainbow chain design.
This is Toby's first day with both of us at work all day. I'm hoping he can handle it. When I came home from church yesterday, he couldn't hardly contain himself with joy and energy, as though I and LH had been gone for weeks. It'll be interesting to see how he is this evening after I've been gone all day.
That's been what's been keeping us busy from the 30th til now into the New Year.
Course, I did spend New Year's Eve making and cooking Island Meatballs and most of New Year's Day in the kitchen baking a ham, cloving it and making the glaze, making scalloped potatoes from scratch, and an apple crisp for dessert. My FIL came for the afternoon and evening and we enjoyed dinner together.
Now, it's back to the pulpit and preparing for Sunday and making visits.

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