Monday, November 03, 2008


We enjoyed a fairly mild Halloween evening. I could sit on the porch, in my rocker, wearing a sweatshirt and was warm enough. We gave out 7 1/2 bags of Butterfingers, 3 Musketeers, Milky Ways and Snickers bars (fun size and 1 per child) and 1 Milk Bone Dog Biscuit (who enjoyed his treat greatly at the bottom of our driveway). 2 other dogs were out but they didn't stop by, they lost out!!! I think we're the only house that gives out milk bones to our four-footed trick or treaters!!
My greys got their Milk Bone treats as well.
I managed to fertilize the yards (front and back), take down the flower boxes off the porch railings and pull out the geraniums.
I tackled cleaning the windows and LH popped the screens out so that I could clean the tops of the windows on the outside and not merely the bottoms. The one great room window has a broken set screw which means the top half of the window slides down when you undo the latch. Will need to get that fixed.
But I am thrilled to see out the windows!! The dogs have already snotted up the sliding glass door.
Jett pulled a post Halloween stunt yesterday evening. I had let him out and we had the screen slider in place with the door open to let in some cooler air and keep the bugs out. I stood in front of the screen slider with about 6 inches between me and the frame. Jett comes barreling past me at 20 miles an hour and boom, right through the screen, ripping the screen, scraping a hind leg. He was past me and through the screen before I could blink!! No wonder we call him Jett!!
His leg bled a little but nothing too bad, thank the Lord. Now we have a sliding screen door to get rescreened.
If it's not one thing, it's another. We will no longer use the screen slider, ever. Not if there's a dog in the backyard wanting to come in!!!
My right shoulder is sore from all the window cleaning. I hope by tomorrow it won't ache as much.
This Halloween has had some nasty tricks with our windows and screens.
Hope the treats of this month will be greater - newly upholstered dining room chairs, being done even as I write this, new screen slider and great room windows that stay up, a blessed Thanksgiving Day, a clean Election.
Looking forward to the end of the elections. I am so tired of the ads and the false accusations from both sides.
This will be a most busy week but I know that God will guide me through with some sanity. Pastoral care issues: a parishioner's surgery, a parishioner who's moved from assisted living to nursing home, a parishioner who's moved from home into nursing home. Difficult transitions to make full of grief, anger, and depression.
That ends it for now as I go to the Women's Association meeting, give the lunch prayer and lead the Bible Study.

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