Monday, November 24, 2008


It appears as though winter has come early to these parts. For two weeks it has been cold and snowy. It will be a warm 38 degrees today!!! We had a record low of 14 degrees one night last week. I know I pray for cool weather the night before and Thanksgiving Day, so I can put the stuffing in the garage overnight, but this is a bit much!!! What happened to late fall and 40 degree weather?
I slid down the slope of our subdivision road twice last week, right into the curb kinda sideways. Thankfully, it was the tire that hit and not the van itself. The first day I was going about 15 mph, the second day I was about 20 mph when I realized it was still icy. After I stopped at the stop sign and turned, another vehicle slid into the curb.
I called the Street Department and complained. I know communities are trying to save on salt since the cost went up, but...when you keep sliding into the curb or even slide through a stop sign North/South and the other direction E/W doesn't have a stop sign, it's an accident just waiting to happen.
The forecast is rain then sleet then snow. I'll be getting my turkey tonight before the snow falls and hampers my getting around.
That way I can cook up the stock tomorrow night, cozy and snug at home.
The annual Thanksgiving fest is about to commence! Marathon cooking for two days and a day spent mostly in the kitchen. Ahh...but I can catch the scent of the turkey even now!!!!
Ben and Jett are already smacking their lips at the turkey skin and parts that will be coming their way.
This will probably be the last Thanksgiving in this house, at least I hope that is so, since LH is on the move to pursue a new call. I pray that it won't take forever to sell the house and that we can find something comparable wherever we land.
But for now, it is enough to deal with Thanksgiving and Advent and all that they bring.

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