Monday, October 27, 2008


This weekend: got up at 5:30 am two mornings in a row :(
Little Town Church had its annual Pancake Breakfast and Pantry Sale (no crafts this year). I think it went well, although perhaps a few less than last year. The bakery sold rather well along with fresh corn meal, homemade soups, quince jelly and jam and apple butter. I worked til 10:30 am and headed home for my afternoon Lutheran tutorial!!!
Yup, LH took me to the Lutheran church to go over the liturgy of the communion service and where to stand when!!!!
On Sunday, I drove the easy commute to TLC and the first service began at 8 am. I was not decent and in order when I missed the post communion charge, the assisting minister went to the post communion prayer, we sang "Thank the Lord" and then before the benediction, I squeezed in the post communion charge!!! It worked and God did not smote this low church Presbyterian!!
The second service went much better and the congregants were actually alive, awake and laughed at all the humorous parts in my "Zwingli Schtick". Yes, I've crafted a Zwingli Schtick!!!!!!!!!! Zwingli I can pull off. Calvin, I will not be able to pull off - the tall thin body is beyond my physical ability as is the long beard. Next year, I will have to come up a long lost letter from Calvin rather than portray him. Remember, next year, 2009, will be the 500th anniversary of Calvin's birth!!! My Calvin Bobblehead is waiting to be a children's sermon next year!!
I took a long nap Sunday afternoon - just exhausted - and a long quiet evening.
I'm looking forward to sleeping in this week on my day off!!!!

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Stushie said...

I love Zwingli. If he hadn't been killed on the battlefield, I think he would have outshone both Calvin & Luther...oh well, I guess it was Calvinistically predestined..