Monday, November 10, 2008


I just read the obituary of a man who died in a car accident with a parishioner of mine. It happened last Wednesday, on her way to choir practice. A school music teacher, great with kids, wouldn't hurt a fly, simply a nice person. She stopped at the stop sign, looked both ways twice, pulled away and BAM, they hit. (He did not have a stop sign)
He was 29, married, expecting his first child in May '09.
This will shatter her even more, if that is possible. She is inconsolable and it is tragic to both parties and families. No one ever thinks that this could happen to them and that another person would die because of us. We could not imagine the dark place in which she is living at the moment. But Christ is there as He always is, in our darkest hours, in the devastation of our lives. I know. I once was shattered as well. It is a long journey. It takes much prayer. It takes outside help.
I have been praying for them both. A lot.
I pray she doesn't read the obituary. But I am sure she will and has.
There will be new life for them both and new life for this young widow and her unborn child. But for now, we grieve, and we pray.

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