Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I celebrated the grand-opening of a new shop in this little village by checking it out, praying a blessing, and congratulating the parishioner who took on such a challenge in some very trying economic times. I pray she will serve the community well and that the community will support her.
It is a flower, card and gift shop. Now the church can order Sunday morning flowers again from the flowershop in town. If you need a get well card or birthday card for someone you just remembered is having a birthday you can get it in town. Say you need some helium balloons, miscalculated the number attending a family party and you need a few more paper plates, coordinating plastic flatware, etc, you can get it in town. Then there's the dips and mixes and soups. And all kinds of holiday bowls and plates. The Christmas tree is full of ornaments - Remember when you stop believing in Santa Claus, then you start getting underwear! How about: Our family is full of flakes!
There's stuff for kids, babies, and school colors and mascot stuff. I found a Christmas book to use for a children's sermon!
And it's pretty tasteful for the most part.
A breath of fresh air and new life into our little town. May it be around for a long time to come. May blessings abound all around.

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